When a design is inspired by what makes each of us unique, a simple necklace is far from ordinary.

Looking for Something Sweet and Simple?

Reach behind your neck to connect the clasp, and voila! Your outfit is complete. Each of our simple and dainty necklaces is designed to give any ensemble a touch of grace and elegance - even your most casual clothes.

The Mountain Moverz necklace collection is inspired by a woman’s journey. We wear these pieces to remind us of who we are and where we aspire to be. 

Stay on Trend with Our Delicate Necklaces

Why are simple necklaces so popular these days? Ladies are looking for something to wear every day - something with just a hint of sparkle that goes with every outfit. 

Simple necklaces are trending because women would rather have something understated and versatile than flashy costume jewelry that goes with only a few things.

Gold Necklaces That Are Uniquely You

Eternally popular, a gold necklace is a classic that never goes out of style. Our jewelry collection would not be complete without pretty necklaces made of real gold. 

Though our designs are simple, our gold necklaces are anything but typical. Each is unique and expresses your individuality. Several of our pieces can be personalized with engraving to make your necklace truly one of a kind.

Each gold necklace is gold-filled, hand-cut, stamped, shaped, polished, and packaged by us. Being hands-on with our jewelry is how we make sure every piece is top quality.

Some jewelry advertised as “gold” is actually gold-plated, but not ours. Gold plated jewelry loses its finish in about a year which exposes the base metal underneath. With gold-filled jewelry, you get the benefit of a lasting gold finish without the high price tag of solid gold. 

Our gold-filled pieces are tarnish-resistant and won’t incur damage from water exposure. Whether getting one for yourself or as a gift, your gold-filled necklace is heirloom quality.

Our Personalized Simple Necklaces Make the Perfect Gift!

The best thing about our simple necklaces collection is that there truly is something for everyone - your best friend, family member, babysitter, or anyone you want to recognize with a heartfelt gift.

For some in our lives, we wonder, “What do I get for the woman who has everything?” While jewelry seems like an ordinary gift, we’re confident you’ll find something uniquely meaningful to give that special woman in your life.

What makes you unique inspires every design we create. That’s why many of our necklaces are customizable and can be personalized so when your person wears it they are reminded that they are loved.

While it would be ideal to take her to a jewelry store so she can pick out her absolute favorite, that’s usually not practical these days. When you’d rather have her choose her own necklace, gift cards are the perfect solution. With a Mountain Moverz gift card, she picks out the necklace that best reflects her heart and her personal style.

How to Shop for Mountain Moverz’s Simple Necklaces Online

Simple and dainty necklaces continue to be one of our most popular items. Women want something around their neck that pairs with everything and fits comfortably and these necklaces fit the bill.

Each piece in our collection of delicate necklaces reflects a facet of femininity. When a woman puts on her favorite necklace she gets a boost of confidence. Shop our line of personalized jewelry and find the ones that resonate with what makes you unique.