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Shop Mountain Moverz Baby Bracelets!

Make baby’s first jewelry meaningful with a bracelet from our collection of baby bangles or chains. Each bracelet in our collection represents a special sentiment shared between you and your child.

A baby bracelet is that memento for the beginning of a new life and journey. When your son or daughter becomes an adult, they will look at their first bracelet and see how tiny and precious their little wrists were.

Though keepsakes are traditional, this doesn’t mean they have to be conventional. The variety of our baby bracelets collection is all about having one that expresses your individual style and sentiment.

Sterling Silver, Rose Gold, and Gold Baby Bracelets

Whatever look you’re going for, this collection of baby bracelets has the metal tone to suit your style. Each bracelet is cut and shaped by hand - never mass-produced. Baby’s first bracelet won’t tarnish, flake, or change color.

Give your child a keepsake that lasts a lifetime with one of our gold, rose gold, or sterling silver baby bracelets, either a single metal or a blend!

Mommy and Me Bracelets to Match With Your Little One

Double the sentiment by picking out a mommy and me bracelet set! We created a collection of over a dozen designs that expressyourindividuality as a mother plus one for baby as well. These look-alike bracelet pairs symbolize that you and your child are cut from the same cloth and signify your special bond.

What Age Can a Baby Wear a Bangle?

Baby jewelry has been a tradition in many families around the world for centuries. For example, many parents choose to have babies' ears pierced while they are still infants based on family customs.

There are some potential problems with babies wearing jewelry. Some children may have allergies to some metals.

Our bracelets are safe for your baby to wear during all the activities of the day, and they will not be harmed by exposure to water. You’ll want a bracelet fit that not too loose nor too tight on baby’s wrist.

It is best to remove bracelets during sleep. Bracelets should be securely fastened during wear. Baby bracelets are not toys, so keep an eye out for your infant or toddler removing the bracelet to play with it.

Custom and Engraved Baby Bangles and Bracelets

Personalizing keepsakes and jewelry is a longstanding tradition. Our jewelry pieces each symbolize a unique sentiment, but to make baby’s first bracelet even more significant, we offer custom engraving for many of our baby bracelets.

Make your child’s baby bracelet their very own with a personalized engraved message. Custom baby bracelets may bear baby’s name, a nickname, date of birth, bible scripture - anything that is meaningful to them as an individual. Engraved baby bracelets bear a message that echoes through the decades.

In the whole world, there’s only one like your baby. Choose a baby bracelet memento that captures the uniqueness of your little love. A gold or silver piece from our thoughtful baby bracelets collection is a gift that they will enjoy through many stages of life.