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Almost all women's apparel is unisex fit meaning a nice, loose, comfy fit unless otherwise noted. I suggest ordering your true size for a good fit or you can order up a size for an oversized fit.


This is the most frequently asked question by far! When jewelry shopping, it really comes down to two main factors: how much you want to spend, and how long you want your piece to last.

Solid Gold pieces will seemingly last forever, but they are the most expensive option when it comes to gold jewelry. Their price tag is normally much higher than the average person is looking to spend.  

Gold-Filled pieces are just one level down from solid gold. We find that for many customers, gold-fill pieces are the ideal balance of price and quality. Made to wear daily, made to last for years, and with a price tag that customers like. These pieces have an outer shell of solid 14k gold, pressure bonded with a high quality sterling silver core.  

Gold-plated pieces are typically the lowest quality, which is reflected with the lower price. These pieces easily turn color, chip, or flake. We do not use gold-plated jewelry. It’s not worth it and doesn’t meet our standards. 

One common hesitancy in purchasing jewelry is not knowing if it will react with your skin. MM jewelry is made for wearing 24/7 without taking off. We only use high-quality material but on the rare occasion, gold jewelry can turn skin green or black even when using only high-quality materials.  

This turning is not caused by the material itself, but by a few common external factors—it can even happen with solid gold pieces.

Let’s dive deeper. Here are three common ways gold can discolor skin:

Metallic abrasion

This can occur when makeup or other cosmetics come in contact with your piece. Gold is a soft metal so when makeup that contains compounds that are harder than gold, it can cause super tiny particles to rub off over time. When this particle dust comes in contact with your skin (which is an absorbent surface), it can stick and form a black or green smudge.

Corrosion of metals

Even 14k solid gold contains other, non-gold alloys in it. Sweat and other natural oils from your body can cause corrosion of these non-gold metals, leaving a dark chemical compound behind which can stain your skin. Though I wear my MM jewelry everywhere, this reaction can be worsened in semi-tropical locations and near the ocean where salt is in the air. 


Chlorine from pools and hot tubs can eat away at gold and other metals overtime to cause corrosion, leaving behind black or green smudges on the skin.


The most common cause of Anemia is low levels of iron in the body. We have found that even solid gold pieces will sometimes cause the skin near the jewelry piece to turn black or green on people with anemia.

Here are a few helpful tips for avoiding discoloration of the skin:

- Always take off your jewelry before entering chlorinated water

- When applying cosmetics, remove your jewelry beforehand and wash your hands thoroughly before putting them back on

- Clean your pieces often

Since made start to finish by hand, MM bangles are a unique style. We do not fuse the ends together making a closed bangle. Instead, we leave about an inch between the ends for women's bangles so that they can be custom fit to your wrist without having to go over your hand.

Mountain Moverz jewelry is nickel free!

Take your wrist measurement with a piece of string. Circle it around your wrist and measure the length of that string. Choose the size of the bangle according to closest to your wrist size. The size you choose for your bangle is the length of the material + roughly an inch opening so that you can take it on and off without bending or mangling the shape of the bangle. 

Since our bangles are an open cuff design, there is room for slight tightening and/or expanding. 

Production & Shipping

Each handmade piece is made to order and takes time. The time needed for each item varies. For details, see individual items. Production time is in addition to shipping. This timing is subject to change for high volume orders.

US order are shipped via First Class mail by default which varies between 3-5 business days. For international orders, shipping can vary. Once your order arrives in the country of destination, it may be subject to he country’s taxes and/or custom fees. Mountain Moverz is not responsible for these fees or delays due to customs. It is the responsibility of the customer to be aware of charges that may occur during delivery/pickup time.

You will receive an email with your tracking number once your order has been shipped.

Returns & Exchanges

We are confident you will love the quality of our pieces. Non-custom pieces must be returned/exchanged within 14 days of receipt (based on USPS timestamp date received). Custom or personalized items are unavailable for returns.

All returns are eligible for store credit only withint 14 days of receiving your package. Custom or personalized pieces are not eligible for returns.

Exchanging your apparel for a different size is easy! If you're within the 14 day time frame, simply mail your pieces to

Mountain Moverz

612 Oak St

Ironton OH 45638

including a note with your desired size. We will take care of shipping your new size back to you at no extra cost.

If you are outside the 14 day timeframe, we cannot accept your exchange.

If you need a different size for your jewelry piece, please reach out to team@mtnmoverz.com where we can best serve you!

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