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Your wedding day is one of the most important milestones of your life. It’s also a time when you can rely on those closest to you on your big day, your bridesmaids. They’ve been with you through thick and thin and it speaks volumes that you chose them to stand next to you. They help you get through the jitters and concerns of making sure your day goes without a hitch, they were a part of your past and you’re inviting them into your future as a married couple.. With our personalized wedding jewelry for bridesmaids, you can show your girls just how much they mean to you on your special day. 

A Bridesmaid Gift to Say Thank You! 

As a bride-to-be, you are so blessed to receive the love and support from family and friends through gift-giving. Whether through a wedding registry, bridal brunch, or bachelorette party.  Give a gift to your bridesmaids for being on this journey with you with our bridesmaid jewelry collection; a gift that your girls can wear every day and be reminded of your sweet friendship. 

Elegant Gold Bridesmaid Jewelry 

For your big day, give a gift to express to the ones closest to you, just how much they are cherished. Capture the moments of sentiment, joy, and appreciation as they open the box with their own stunning gold bridesmaid jewelry pieces. Our high-quality bridesmaid jewelry collection includes bangles, rings, and necklaces that are 14/20K gold. 

Our bangles are handmade from start to finish. With an open cuff, your bridesmaid will be able to remove as necessary. Also, your bridesmaid’s bangle can be worn just about anywhere, from the shower, to a night out, and to the gym.  

Unique Bridesmaid Jewelry Gifts 

The bond you have with your bridesmaids means the world to you and, as a bride, you want your bridesmaids to remember the special moments you’ve created with them on your wedding day. That’s why our collection not only offers a selection of simple, yet elegant jewelry pieces, but also personalized bridesmaids jewelry. Create a personalized message or have a date hand stamped on any one of our bangles.. Each relationship with your girls is unique and their gift should reflect that. 

Engraving Name or Initials 

Your bridesmaids will be amazed at their jewelry piece, but they will be even more touched as they take a closer look and see the personalized message inside. Give the gift of personalized bridesmaids jewelry by adding initials or special phrases you share together for a unique touch; reminding them of your close bond. Select from a choice of letters and numbers for a phrase such as Friends Forever or their name with a heart. 

Customized with a Meaningful Word or Special Phrase 

Remember that favorite song you guys would sing out loud, word for word, together every time it came on the car? Or how about that special phrase you would say together when it was time to leave, solidifying your friendship? Those memories are reminders of the unbreakable bond you have together. Personalize their bangle with those special words or phrases as a gift to your bridesmaids and as a symbol of your friendship. 

Perfect for Accessorizing Bridesmaid Dresses 

Becoming a bridesmaid can get costly when paying for bridesmaid dresses, shoes, even hair & makeup, and travel expenses. To say thank you, gift them a piece that they can wear on your big day and every day after. You can select from colors in gold, rose gold, and silver or patterns such as floral or rope design to perfectly match the style of your bridesmaids’ dresses.