March 25, 2019 2 min read

As a mama, I know some days are harder than we were ready for.Emotionally draining, physically tiring, and mentally exhausting. We cleaned up food thrown to the floor too many times, got yelled at for not getting the pretzels quickly enough, and somehow, the dropped toys always find our feet. As a mama, I know sometimes the last thing we want to do at the end of the day is be kind. We want to rush bedtime for our little ones so we can get our pjs on and clock out. 



But I’ve come to find a powerful moment lies at the end of each day. The lights are off, its the three of us putting our baby girl to bed and I have a choice. How am I going to end the day with my child? As a mama to a mama, I encourage you to choose connection. Taking these bedtime moments to look each other in the eyes, speak words of affirmation, remind of the love you two share, and let the day’s troubles slide off. These bedtime moments are an opportunity for reconnection and for ending the day with peace for the both of you. 


I don’t know what bedtime looks for you - trying to herd the sheep, doing it solo, co sleeping, or a rigid bedtime routine- but I do know we all have the same opportunity to end the day connected with a heart to heart moment. 



I know some of the days of motherhood don’t look like we imagined, but let’s be mamas that choose and teach connection. For what they believe, they will become and may they believe they are loved with an unfailing, untouchable love that cannot be bent, or broken.