February 21, 2019 2 min read

"Mom-ing is hardwhen breastfeeding in public is offensive but formula feeding is frowned upon, when co-sleeping is dangerous but rocking your baby to sleep is wrong, when sleep training means you don’t love your baby but not having your kid on a schedule means you have no control of your kid, when putting your child in a bouncer/walker is detrimental to their development but holding them too much is spoiling them, when being a stay at home Mom means you’ve given up your career / dreams but putting them in childcare and going back to work means you’re going to miss out on all of the important things, when getting kids their shots is injecting them with poison but if you don’t you’re endangering the world, when you’re trying to be confident in your motherhood but everyone wants to tell you that you’re doing it wrong. 

Mom bullies are the worst. 
So stop. 

Just love, encourage, support, and give a mom a cup of coffee.” -Alee Zering




After reading this excerpt, I was amazed at how much light it shined on decisions in motherhood. It seems like these days, moms can't catch a break, and if you have ever felt that way, I want to encourage you.

I believe that the majority of mother's hearts are to encourage and uplift other mothers! If we start magnifying and giving voice to our compassion in our heart towards other moms, the mom bullying will automatically be silenced. You are powerful and can change the atmosphere around you. 

I awkwardly make it a point to compliment and encourage a mom that I naturally do things differently. If I can't love and encourage in the middle of disagreement, then what's powerful about love and encouragement? I say things like, "you are a great mom and your baby knows you love him", "I know you've been working so hard and your child sees that", "you have an incredible heart and are always wanting to do what's best for your family"! It's simple and sweet but powerful enough to drown out the other shameful voices us moms may hear too often. May our love for one another be magnified.