January 24, 2019 2 min read

Does organic cotton really make a difference? Maybe you only think of organic in terms of food or those crunchy yoga mamas, but there’s way way more to it! Organic cotton isn’t just softer on your baby’s skin, it’s better.

As a new mom and business owner, the main factor in driving me towards the more expensive organic cotton, was that it is free of all the nasty junk! Free of pesticides, herbicides (toxic chemical), and any other harmful chemicals. It’s one thing to be a consumer and have zero knowledge of the different methods used to farm cotton, so paying attention to the “ingredients” on the clothing isn't a priority. It’s a whole other ordeal to be the one designing and selling clothing to your children and having a sound conscious. Using organic cotton makes me confident in the clothing that your children are wearing and gives me a chance to support safer farming.

Safer farming? What does that even mean? Just like vegetables, cotton stems from a plant so it requires seeds, soil, weed control, and harvesting. Organic cotton is naturally grown, so each seed is untreated and GMO (genetically modified organism) free. The soil its grown in is kept healthy through crop rotations, lack of fertilizers, and increased organic matter. Healthier soil = natural balance of weeds, so there’s no plane flying over these crops pouring down the pesticides which are commonly known as cancer-causing agents. Yeah...no thanks!! When it comes to harvesting organic cotton, yep you guessed it- natural defoliation from freezing temperatures or through the use of water management versus defoliation induced with toxic chemicals. In life, there’s shortcuts to everything but I don’t want to be the one using them at the expense of a higher profit and your children’s skin.

While the initial cost of organic cotton is more expensive, the long term advantages are priceless. When choosing organic cotton, you are sparing your children from the exposure to harmful substances that they are already vulnerable to with their naturally sensitive skin. By supporting organic cotton, you are supporting a healthier life and farm for those on the other side of the world farming this cotton for us. You are putting money in their pockets to raise their babies in an environment free of toxic chemicals. If that put a smile on your face, great! It should! Conventional cotton is cheaper but the long-impacting effect on lives and the environment is devastating.

There you have it. Organic cotton is not only way soft on your baby’s skin, but also a trillion times healthier for everyone involved. Supporting organic cotton is better for the environment, better for farmers and their families, and better for you and children. No wonder we are proud to say our clothing is 100% organic cotton!